My Story

Hello beautiful Mama,

You are amazing and I am in awe of you. Right now you probably don’t feel amazing. You are surprised both by how much love you feel for your baby and how much worry.   Worry. That horrible stomach twisting feeling.

Some days (okay let’s face it) most days you are constantly either questioning yourself trying to make a decision or feeling guilty about a decision you made.  You feel guilty about what you did and you feel guilty about what you didn’t do.

But most of all you worry, “What if I’m not doing this right??”

My journey. . . 

I’m Lesley and I am a mother.  I have an addiction to shoes and books, and I love rollerblading and hiking.  Since a young girl, I have been on a spiritual journey, seeking mystery and meaning and transformation and now I’m applying that to motherhood.

I am also a life coach who specializes in supporting first time moms like you through your new journey into motherhood. From the moment those lines turned pink, I started worrying (and crying).  Through the first year of my son’s life, my heart, mind and soul  went through “dark nights of the soul” I never, ever anticipated.  I felt frozen by anxiety, angry that my life seemed so out of control, resentful of my child for not sleeping and then horribly guilty for feeling resentful.

This caused me to search for anything that would help me navigate all these overwhelming and honestly kind of scary emotions.  I used tools I learned from my training as a counselor and social worker, from my spiritual community and from studying mindfulness.  Slowly I developed rituals and routines that began my own transformation.  These became the core of the Mamas Transforming program.

With an MA in counseling, 16 years working with mothers and families and most importantly my own motherhood journey, I am confident I can guide you toward your own transformation. You can do this Mama.

What I believe. . . 

I believe to my very core that you already have all the wisdom you need to make good choices for your baby.

In this fast paced, judgmental world we live in you are bombarded with hundreds of messages that you don’t know enough, that you can’t make good choices without an expert to tell you what to do, that your parenting beliefs are wrong.  You are bombarded with these messages from everywhere!  It is utterly overwhelming and severs you from the most important person of all: your quiet, wise self and makes you worry non-stop.

When you can get connected to your wisdom, you can feel calmer, clearer and more confident.  You can even create joy and delight for yourself!

When you work with me. . . 

When you work with me you will receive my unwavering belief in you.  In your own wisdom and ability. You will receive my belief that this journey is your own and it is a sacred one.  Let me believe in you until you can fully believe in yourself.  I know You can do this Mama.

Over 6 weeks, you and I will meet in whatever form works best for you: in person, via Skype or phone or even FB Messenger or text!

During our these meetings we will have some delicious conversations about who you want to become as a mother and woman.  I will be simply a gentle guide helping you to discover your sacred, joyful motherhood.

You will learn how to:

  • stop letting worry rule your life
  • heal the “mom guilt” that keeps coming back
  • calm down when you have strong emotions like anxiety, frustration or worry
  • harness your body to help you really rock motherhood
  • create rituals that nurture your soul and renew your spirit
  • have a more joyful, delight filled motherhood and “on purpose” life

Just click here on Lesley’s Calendar  to schedule  a complimentary mini session.

During this session you receive: 

  • A chance to talk through any challenge, problem or dream you have right now
  • receive coaching to help you create your “next step”
  • After the call you will receive a personalized summary and action plan via email.
  • A chance to meet me “heart to heart” and find out how my coaching works.

Your transformation awaits.

Giving back. . . 

Part of my motivation for starting this business is my deep desire to contribute toward the growth and healing of our world.

2% of every payment I receive for any program or product goes directly to Postpartum Support International.  

The mission of Postpartum Support International is to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide.  I love their tagline,

You are not alone. You are not to blame.  With help you will be well.

So much hope in that statement! I stand behind that mission.

I don’t want even one more mother to suffer alone.