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You love your baby sooooo much already.  You’re a first time mom doing everything you can to prepare. You want the safest carseat, the best toys for development, the prettiest nursery. Most of all you want to be the best mother possible for your baby.

But sometimes you don’t feel like you are the best mother. You worry that you’re the only one who feels this way. You worry if you are doing the right thing- after all you’re a first time mom!  You feel overwhelmed and confused about all the contradictory advice out there about babies and caring for them.  Some days you feel guilty because you wonder how much your life will change and if you will get to be “you” anymore.

I’m here to tell you, no matter how you are feeling you are okay. You are exactly the mother your baby needs!
The 1st step to becoming the very best mom for your baby is to start with YOU! . . . Everyone is telling you about how to eat right and exercise & prepare for labor.

But has anyone told you how to care for and prepare your mind, heart and soul?

Learn how to start freeing yourself from worry, create rituals and get support as you transform into the amazing mother you are meant to be.  Just sign up below

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