Moms Need to have Hissy Fits too

I can feel the tension building.  Again.  Evenings are hard- It’s the end of the day, I’m tired and alone for the entire nighttime routine. Arthur still has energy to spare.  I feel myself getting irritable and frustrated.  So I decide to have a hissy fit.

It wasn’t pretty.
It wasn’t kind, thoughtful, fair or generous at all.
I used naughty words.

But it turns out, intentionally letting myself have a hissy fit was a gift not only to myself but to my family too! 

I ended up shifting my emotions (and energy) so well that my entire evening changed.

Watch this video to learn how I had a hissy fit without hurting others and what I did to change my night around.

Tips for your hissy fit: 

  1. Choose a safe space to have your hissy fit. Text or message someone who will not judge you but who won’t also fuel your fire by telling you “damn right you should be angry”, write it in your journal or go in another room & say it out loud
  2. If writing it isn’t enough, scribble really, really hard on your paper with a crayon.  Choose a color that represents the feeling you’re trying to get out.
  3. Be as grumpy, unfair, meanspirited, feeling sorry for yourself, cursing as you need.  Get it all out!
  4. Set the intention to clear out that old energy and create who  you want to be for the next hour.
  5. Ask yourself,
    1. What’s really important to me here?
    2. Who do I want to be?
    3. Do I really want to be grumpy, angry mom right now?”
  6. Find something physical in the environment to help you shift your energy.  This needs to be something that makes you feel good.  Examples: light a candle, smell an essential oil, put your favorite song on, look at pictures that remind you of happy times.

Give it a try and then come back here let me know how it goes!

Or, if you need help figuring out how to have a helpful hissy fit, click here to schedule a Mama 2 Mama Heart session with me.

Photo by Jyotirmoy Gupta on Unsplash

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