Why Your Mom Guilt Won’t Go Away (and what to do about it)

Mom guilt is the worst isn’t it?  Guilt can be an overpowering, lingering and reoccurring experience.  At times it can be devastating to your sense of yourself as a good person.  In my recent guest blog post for Sinnead Dunn, Why Your mom Guilt won’t go Away , I go deep into this uniquely painful experience and offer some solutions (hint: you may not be experiencing guilt at all! It might be something else and that’s why it feels so miserable).

Here is a snippet from the article:

Like a rat that keeps finding a way into the house, mom guilt sneaks in, takes up residence and haunts us with continual scratching.  I experience mom guilt in my body and mind.  Some days it’s a very uncomfortable itching in the back of my mind.  Other days it attacks my chest and belly.

Having experienced Mom guilt first hand during 18 months of parenthood while working part time and launching my business, I can’t help noticing how common and troubling this emotional state is for mothers.

Looking deeper at my own experience and listening to mothers describe their guilt, what I hear us actually saying is, “Am I a good parent?”  “Am I enough?”

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I think you will find the article insightful. I encourage you to try some new ways of dealing with guilt so you can not only feel better but free up energy and grow into the amazing mother you are meant to be.

Remember this mama:  You are worthy and you are enough- now and every day you walk this path of motherhood.

If you find this blog helpful, I would love to hear from you!  Comment in the section below and let me know one thing you are doing to free yourself of guilt.


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