Are you a new mama worrying all the time?

Then watch this video.  You are not alone and there is hope for moments of delight & joy!


Becoming a mother for the first time is hard.  Really frickin’ hard.

Do you look around and see mothers who seem to have it all together but every day you experience worry or overwhelm?

Do you always wonder, “What if I’m not doing this right?”

Is this you Mama?  You are not alone! I am here for you.  No judgements. No comparison.  Simply tender care for your motherhood journey.

I have been that first time mom overwhelmed by the intensity of my feelings and so confused. I’ve spent minute after minute in worry and  I’ve been the one constantly questioning myself, unable to make a decision. But, through the first year of my son’s life, with some trial and error (and, to be honest, a lot of tears), I found a path to my own wisdom and joy.

I truly believe that with a little guidance, you too can transition from worried new mom to a mother confident and joyful. Best of all, you will deliver yourself from that guilty feeling that you aren’t a good enough mom. 

Getting control of your worry all starts with learning to deeply care for yourself even as you care for your child.  Sign up below for your FREE guide to caring for your mind, body and soul in 10 minutes or less.